Should india give up kashmir

What India needs to ponder is the cost it is accepting for its policies in the long-term. These soldiers might be free from the hands of butcher Pakistan and its thrust for Kashmir may end. Likewise, suppression of truth gives lies a ground to grow.

If you know of someone who can help, tell them about it. There is no reason for India to sacrifice years of development, an economy with a very positive outlook, diplomatic relationships forged through years if not decades of hard work and bargaining and a largely bright future over a war with a near-failed state that is sinking deeper in the morass of its own making with each passing day.

The project will also produce money for the investors. I fear that PoK would end up being the bulwark against which the Army grinds itself to dust.

Should India Give up Kashmir

But the truth about both is suppressed. Cancer changes the the cells is a way that they turn against the body. Some Indians tell me they would like to support my sites, but they are afraid of sending donations to my Paypal account.

They want to be entertained. On every tree, on every mobile tower, Pakistani flag swirls in Kashmir. The election in Indian administered Kashmir no doubt had a very low voter turnout and anyone opposing the pro-Indian party rule; would most likely have faced violent opposition from televised to be very abusive self-confessed Indian troops.

But a nuclear war would also leave Indian cities in ruins. Is Pakistan that strong a country that it can encourage 60 lakh 6 million people of Kashmir to raise their voice and fight against India.

Why can’t India give Kashmir to Pakistan?

The credit goes to only to our system. Austria, Netherlands and several other European counties have the same anti truth policies, only when it comes to Islam. And do you really want us to believe that Indian system is so helpless or hopeless that it could not catch a single man who distributes these rupees to the young boys of Kashmir.

That India has responded with frenzied sabre-rattling, belatedly tempered with guile, is not surprising. That money can feed half a million poor children, clothe them and educate them.

To make the body resistant to cancer it has to be oxygenated. Many varieties of fungi are anaerobic. It makes more concessions to Muslims than it makes to other citizens. Of course the best remedy is prevention.

So in order to tease you we swirl Pakistani flags. Meat, dairy and all sorts of animal products, and wheat make the body acidic and less oxygenated.

Pouring more money to Islamic provinces will only make the cancer of Islam grow faster.

Why can’t India give Kashmir to Pakistan?

The Indian leadership would be very queasy about making Indian energy supplies reliant on such a vulnerable supply route. Like cancerous cells they work against their country. They need ammunition replenishment, spare parts, fuel, lubricants, food, potable water, new equipment to replace what has been damaged or destroyed in the field, fresh troops, and other supplies too numerous to list here in order to maintain offensive momentum.

We need a medium that can reach the people who otherwise will not heed to us and are not interested in this topic. The pro-India party thus won in and are still in power, overpowering over the Pakistani favored league.

Three surprises from a visit to Kashmir

We can have a mechanism whereby the state CM, the state Home minister, state police chief and state governor, India's Home minister, and our NSA can evaluate the situation from time to time, or in cases of emergencies and bring in the army if required. This is sheer joke and even Kashmiris mock at us.

Like cancerous cells they work against their country. And to what end. I hope this analogy makes things clear. Once he is understood and the veils of mystery that enshroud him are removed, Islam can no longer exist.

Let’s make an analysis on “why can’t India think off giving away Kashmir to Pakistan?” Firstly, in the conflict over Kashmir, there are three different set of people/parties involved: 1.

Indians 2.

Kashmir conflict

Pakistanis (General Public, Politicians, ISI, POK citizens) 3. Oct 20,  · India cannot give up on Kashmir as we do not want ISIS or Taliban in our backyard so close to its capital.

I am a strong supporter of freedom for Kashmiris but only under a secular constitution that protects the rights of minorities. I believe that the Kashmiri pandits and other minorities need to be assured of their safety and security.

A brief history of the Kashmir conflict

Should we rethink Kashmir? I.A. Rehman September 29, India and Pakistan will not give up their positions on Kashmir. Turning LoC into a border will be grossly unfair to the Indian Kashmiris.

India should give up Kashmir. And, India should break up too. India should give up Kashmir. And, India should break up too into independent countries based on languages.

INDIA WAS NEVER A COUNTRY IN HISTORY. So, India will break up into fragments. Government of India harass and oppress own citizens for corruption and eliticism. But the fact is that, India’s refusal to give right to plebiscite to the people of J&K, after promising it number of times in UN, Kashmir and pakistan, is enough to prove that majority, rather.

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September 7, Superstar Rajinikanth all set to join BJP? Why did he hold numerous meetings with the BJP.

Should india give up kashmir
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Why can't India give Kashmir to Pakistan?