Process and pitfalls in writing infovis research papers

We welcome supplementary materials that address this need. Implementations are usually not relevant for papers in this category. Taxonomy models seek to detail the space of some topic such as categorization of other works. Captions should be written in full-sentence, paragraph form so that a chart, diagram, or image could justifiably stand alone, and flipping through the paper would allow an overview via the images only.

Paper Types VIS papers often fall into one or many of five main categories: Where necessary, the identification of the underlying parametric space and its efficient search must be aptly described.

Research papers that fail to disclose reflection on their own weaknesses, limitations, or implications are seen as unfinished. For example, the described system may offer substantial advancements in the performance or usability of visualization systems, or novel capabilities.

Some parts of my thesis will likely lean towards a Formalism Model paper, as it will detail my conceptual model for working with material, space, and interaction simultaneously. A Multiscale Synteny Browser. The rationale for significant design decisions is provided, design alternatives and final design choices are discussed, and the system is compared to documented, best-of-breed systems already in use.

Acta Neuropsychiatrica, the official Journal of Scandinavian College of Neuropsychopharmacology, is an international. Gordon Kindlmann, Carlos Scheidegger.

Gordon Kindlmann, Carlos Scheidegger. Although a significant amount of application domain background information can be useful to provide a framing context in which to discuss the specifics of the target task, the primary focus of the case study must be on the use of visualization in this domain.

Sufficient details should be published so that the reader can fully understand the processes and reproduce processes and results if appropriate.

It is increasingly applied as a critical component in scientific research, digital librariesdata miningfinancial data analysis, market studies, manufacturing production controland drug discovery ". History[ edit ] The modern study of visualization started with computer graphicswhich "has from its beginning been used to study scientific problems.

Papers should focus on basic advancement in our understanding of how visualization techniques complement and exploit properties of human vision and cognition. The comparison includes specific discussion of how the described system differs from and is, in some significant respects, superior to those systems.

Information visualization is also a hypothesis generation scheme, which can be, and is typically followed by more analytical or formal analysis, such as statistical hypothesis testing.

Instead, she most likely supports her later categorizations of papers as having validation methods unique unto themselves. Convince the reader of your paper that your contributions are unique by detailing how your work differs from the established work of the intellectual community past and present.

Evaluation is likely to strengthen technique papers. This style of research is within my capabilities, but does not exclusively match the creation-of-works approach of my thesis.

The Attraction Effect in Information Visualization. Justifying visual encoding and interaction methods is a necessary consideration for design study papers; do not skip discussing task analysis.

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Studies must be conducted with appropriate rigor as dictated by the selected methodology. We invite submissions on any application area. The value of visualization. Where necessary, the identification of the underlying parametric space and its efficient search must be aptly described.

The field of information visualization has emerged "from research in human-computer interactioncomputer sciencegraphicsvisual designpsychologyand business methods. The technique or algorithm description provided in the paper should be complete enough that a competent graduate student in visualization could implement the work, and the authors should create a prototype implementation of the methods.

But do not assume this to be solved, as human memory is limited to make judgments from a current viewpoint to a previous viewpoint. The system that is described is both novel and important, and has been implemented.

Non-Exclusive Categories of Research Papers 1 Technique Paper The main contribution of a technique paper is a novel algorithm or implementation.

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Visualizing Genome Sequence Assemblies. We invite submissions on any application area. Information visualization focused on the creation of approaches for conveying abstract information in intuitive ways. Reflections from the Trenches and the Stacks. We briefly discuss these categories below.

Process & Pitfalls: Writing in InfoVis

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Specific methods and techniques[ edit ]. The value of visualization. The field of information visualization has emerged "from research in human-computer interaction, computer science, graphics, visual design, psychology, and business is increasingly applied as a critical component in scientific research, digital libraries, data mining, financial data analysis, market studies, manufacturing.

Process and Pitfalls in Writing Information Visualization Research Papers Tamara Munzner University of British Columbia [email protected], ∼ tmm Abstract. The goal of this paper is to help authors recognize and avoid a set of pitfalls that recur in many rejected information visualization papers, using a chronological model of the research process.

Selecting a target paper type in the. The IEEE Information Visualization (InfoVis) conference solicits original research papers on a diverse set of topics related to information visualization. Broadly defined, information visualization covers human visual data exploration, analysis, and communication within displays that flexibly encode.

Contributions, Methods, and Unique Characteristics of Design Studies Miriah Meyer Harvard University 45 out of papers submitted to the InfoVis conference and 48 Process and pitfalls in writing information visualization research papers. pages –, Information Visualization (InfoVis) is a relatively new research area, which focuses on the use of visualization techniques to help people understand and analyze data.

This book documents and extends the findings and discussions of the various sessions in detail. Advice on Joining the InfoVis Community. I also list some specific guidelines for writing successful InfoVis papers.

Many of the guidelines below are synthesized from Tamara Munzner’s paper “Process and Pitfalls in Writing Information Visualization Research Papers”.

Process and pitfalls in writing infovis research papers
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